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Housing market update-Q1 2023

The second quarter in 2023 will be different. Housing market update for the first quarter of 2023. Mortgage rates dropped over 30 basis points in March, bringing more buyers back. In February, home sales prices fell for the first time in nearly 11 years, and total home sales rose by the most since July 2020….

CalHFA 20% down payment assistance program

CalHFA Dream for All Shared Appreciation Loan Program Latest News- March 2023 Are you a first-time homebuyer in California looking for financial assistance? Premier Home Financing has the perfect solution for you – CalHFA’s Dream For All CalHFA 20% down payment assistance program. Our program offers down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers in conjunction with…

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Buy or rent in 2023? Shall I buy or wait?

Buy or Rent in 2023: Shall I Buy or Wait? Introduction Deciding whether to buy or rent in 2023 is a big decision, and with the ever-changing real estate landscape in 2023, it’s more important than ever to weigh your options carefully. This article will explore current market trends, factors to consider when deciding, and…

Renting vs. Owning a Home: Which is Better for You?

Renting vs. Owning? Are you wondering whether it’s better to rent or own a home? It’s a big decision, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But don’t worry, I’m here to help explain the differences between renting and owning in a way that even a 10-year-old can understand. Renting When you rent a home, you pay…

What is a Non Traditional Mortgage Loan?

#Nontraditional lending. What is non traditional mortgage lending? Nontraditional loans are unique loans that don ‘t meet the requirements of traditional or conventional loans. Nontraditional mortgages generally are easier obtainable in terms of credit history and the debt/equity ratio (DTI) but can cause significant risks. What Is a Nontraditional Mortgage Loan? Nontraditional mortgages are specialized…


4 best types of mortgages and sources of financing.

Paths to homeownership: what are your financing options? what are the 4 types of mortgage loans? There are a few different paths to homeownership. Which one is best for you? Read on to find out!  Not all home loan type are the same. Knowing what kind of home loan is most appropriate for your situation…

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